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September 2017

The uncensored truth about fluoride

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls water fluoridation - the addition of industrial-grade fluoride to community water supplies - "one of the top ten public health achievements of the 20th century." But, pioneering biological dentist Dr. David Kennedy has another term for it: "a public health fraud." No doubt, adding fluoride to the public water supply is one of the greatest crimes against humanity. (keep reading to find out why)

And Dr. Kennedy is not alone. With fluoridated water linked to a litany of ills like, lower IQ, many natural health experts agree that the use of fluoride is outdated, unnecessary and dangerous.

70 percent of the U.S. public drinking water supply is contaminated with toxic chemicals like fluoride. Find out what the American Dental Association (ADA) has been hiding from the public for years!

Unsafe, ineffective fluoridated water constitutes 'medical negligence'

The ADA calls fluoridated community water both 'safe' and 'effective' in reducing cavities. Yet, Dr. Kennedy notes that the organization has never presented any large-scale blinded studies proving that fluoride prevents tooth decay. Although eager to speak out on the 'safety' of fluoridated water, the ADA performs no research of its own - and has never even bothered to poll its own members for their opinion.

Dr. Kennedy reports that all recent large-scale scientific studies have completely failed to show that fluoridation causes any significant reduction in tooth decay. Infuriatingly, peer-reviewed medical research has been minimized by what he calls 'spin doctors of fluoridation' - who downplay the research by setting up biased review committees.

The real causes of human tooth decay, says Dr. Kennedy, are linked to nutritional deficiencies, excessive sugar intake and poor oral hygiene. In addition, Dr. Kennedy has some strong words for the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water.

"Increasing the fluoride intake of a patient without regard to established risk factors such as age, kidney function, weight, water consumption and total fluoride intake... is medical negligence," Kennedy states.

Is this a deliberate attempt to poison the population?

Fluoride intake has long been associated with serious medical conditions. In fact, almost 20 years ago, a union representing scientists and toxicologists at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency went on the record as stating that there is a link between fluoridation and cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment and bone pathology.

And, fluoride has been linked with brain dysfunction. A particularly disturbing study from Harvard Medical School found a link between elevated fluoride levels and lowered IQ in children.

Although fluoride was originally believed to strengthen bones, attempts to use high-dose fluoride to treat osteoporosis resulted in more bone fractures, not less. (These disastrous results caused the FDA to reject fluoride as a medical treatment)!

Unsurprisingly, studies have linked long-term consumption of fluoridated water to an increased risk of hip fracture, a devastating injury when it occurs in the elderly - 25 percent of whom die in the 30 days following the event.

Other problems associated with fluoride include hypothyroidism, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis and male infertility - a laundry list of unwanted illnesses.

Warning: even if fluoride isn't in your water, it may still be in your toothpaste and other consumer products. They even put this toxin in 'baby water!' Bottom line: this poisonous substance is far from "safe" and "effective" - no matter what the ADA says.

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(of things you may not have known that she does)

1. Headaches Dr. Mulcahey is one of very few chiropractors in the nation to perform the Blair Technique, which is an adjustment that is very effective for headache pain. This is the technique that got Dr. Mulcahey well, and the reason she became a chiropractor!
2. Plantar fascitis Dr. Mulcahey recommends the same protocol that is used with Olympic athletes for her patients the foot pain.
3. Babies and Young Children
Oh yes! We adjust infants and young children all the time. Chiropractic can help with many conditions, including colic and ear infections!
4. Menstrual Cramps Adjustments can help and Dr. Mulcahey will also stretch the abdominal muscles to help relax the muscles that are cramping--it is really helpful for this kind of pain.
5. Tennis Elbow Acupuncture is a very effective treatment for many patients wanting quick relief.
6. Rib Pain When ribs misalign, the mid back will hurt and taking a deep breath is often painful. Adjusting them helps take the pain away.
7. Pregnancy Adjustments, especially in the last trimester often seems to result in an easier delivery for many of our moms-to-be.
8. Stress Stress is the #1 reason for spinal misalignment so adjustments can be helpful during times when you are feeling anxious.
9. Biofeedback Dr. Mulcahey can teach you how to do Biofeedback breathing. Just give us a call to learn more!
10. Sports Medicine Dr. Mulcahey was a sideline doctor for football teams for ten years and has dealt with a lot of injuries! Feel free to bring in your kids for any sports related injuries!

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