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October 2019

Aloe Barbadensis Health Benefits

Aloe vera gained worldwide recognition and has been intensively used from the oldest of times due to its extraordinary features. Just about every important civilization used it for its beneficial effects over health and beauty. Egyptians would mix aloe with other herbs while preparing remedies for internal and external anomalies.

Greek physicians (Celsius and Dioscorides), Romanians (Pylni the Great) and Arabs (Al-Kindi) have dedicated ample studies to this plant, fascinated by the numerous usages. Today the studies discuss ample issues pointing out the way in which the wonderful herb can help against serious illnesses like cancer.

The most often used substance from this herb is the aloe gel, a thick viscid liquid found in the interior of the leaves. The leaves are used in the treatment of burns and the aloine - a bitter milky yellowish liquid is used as a laxative. The herb contains:
- 20 minerals among which are: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium
- 12 vitamins: A, B, C, E, folic acid
- 20 amino-acids from which 7 are essential (the human body needs 8 essential amino-acids)
- 200 active components
- enzymes
- polysaccharides

What is aloe vera good for? It toughens up the immune system (owing to the 23 peptides contained in its composition); it accelerates and regulates the metabolism, purifies the human body from toxins.

Moreover, this herb has an antiseptic effect (by destroying the bacterias, viruses and fungi), disinfectant capabilities. Aloe vera can also stimulate the cell-renewing process.

A wide array of products with curative and therapeutic effects is obtained from aloe vera, starting from vitamins and laxatives to face creams and body care lotions and deodorants. Also aloe vera can be also administrated internally due to its high nourishing influence. When mixed with other fruits, this herb can be ingested as an excellent natural beverage rich in vitamins and minerals. It is recommended that it is ingested during travels to prevent dehydration.

Aloe vera has proved its efficiency from the simplest allergies to the treatment of wounds and skin infections and even to its usage in alleviating more serious afflictions. With the help of this herb a wide variety of internal and external afflictions are controlled like: asthma, virosis, arthritis, arthrosis, gingivitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, intestinal inflamations, constipations, obesity, sprains, muscle strains, cutaneous inflamations. The efficiency of the herb was also proven in the cases of anemia, deficiency illnesses, insomnia and depressions and the B-sisterole from the Aloe vera brings about the lowering of the cholesterol level. Also, this herb is used for controlling the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, diabetes, hepatitis and pancreatitis and multiple sclerosis.

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